Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman

For a long time Jonathan Kellerman’s books were like an old friend – something I could count on to read when I was in need of a good book. I eagerly awaited each new installment, biding my time reading other books. Then I moved over here to the UK & discovered that Kellerman’s books weren’t so easy to find, so I moved on to other authors & left Kellerman (& Alex Dellaware) behind.

Then, gradually I started seeing Kellerman books on the shelves in the books stores, but there was always some other book I wanted to read more. Then a couple weeks ago I was in Sainsbury’s looking at the books & there, amongst the others on the shelves was Mystery. I picked it up & added it to my basket. It was the first Kellerman book I had bought in ten years, so I was a little worried I’d be too far behind to enjoy the story, but I needn’t have worried.

It was like slipping into a conversation that I had started ages ago with a dear friend – things had moved on, but I still knew what was happening – it was almost as though no time had passed at all.

Alex & Robin decide to attend the closing event for the Beverly Fauberg hotel (one of their favourite places to go for drinks), which is being torn down. While there they observe a beautiful young girl all dressed in white, obviously waiting for someone to arrive. A few days later Alex discovers through Milo, that the woman they saw was murdered after she left the Fauberg. Soon, Alex & Robin are involved in the case, since they were possibly the last ones to see this young lady alive.

Mystery is typical in the Alex Dellaware novels – lots of twists & turns, Alex & Milo working together to solve the case. It was a nice pleasant read – like slipping into your favourite pair of pyjamas. Guess it’s time to dig out the ones I missed in the 11 years that passed between us!


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