Merde Happens by Stephen Clarke

Read courtesy of Thor

I have read all of the previous offerings of Merde (lol) & have giggled happily through them all. I love Clarke’s character Paul & love reading about his crazy adventures in the Merde. I think they are brilliant books!

On Christmas Day I downloaded Merde Happens onto Thor, but put off starting it partly because I was already reading a book, but also as the main point of having Thor is so that I can read my review books, not to buy books to read, so there was some reluctance & guilt thrown into the mix. I waited until the day before we returned from Canada to start reading Merde Happens & have been reading it on the bus to & from work most days, which has resulted in a few weird looks from people as they look around to see what I am sniggering about.

I couldn’t recommend the first two books enough & this third installment did not disappoint. Merde Happens sees our protagonist, Paul West hired to be the front man on a tour of the USA, promoting Britain & British ways, as part of a campaign to win the Tourism country of the year. Paul, and his girlfriend Alexa, head off on a grand journey with stops in NYC, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, then on to Hollywood for the voting (all in a candy-apple red Mini with the Union Jack painted on the roof).  Along the way Paul has the mis-fortune of running into misfortune every step of the way, often with hilarious outcomes.

One of the best things about this series of books (besides the hilarity) is that you don’t necessarily need to have read the preceding books to enjoy the other offerings. All three books are lighthearted, tongue firmly in cheek, looks at the relationships between Brits & the French & all three will have you laughing out loud (the first two slightly more so) & wondering when the next installment will be along. So, will Paul make it to the final city & the final vote in one piece? Will his relationship with Alexa survive all the things that keep happening? Guess you have to read the book to find out!




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2 responses to “Merde Happens by Stephen Clarke

  1. livingwithjoy

    Sounds great. I had wondered if this was a good series.

    I’m getting similar looks reading my Bill Bryson book about returning to America. Lots of laughs to be had in cultural comparisons.

    • I’ve loved it so far, I have to say! Which of the Bryson books are you reading? I have read a fair few of his & have loved (& laughed at) most of them, but there were a few that really fell flat with me.

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