Unwelcome feedback?

So, tonight I logged onto a site I frequent, to find a private message waiting for me. Turns out it was from the author of a book I had reviewed. She isn’t very happy with me because my rating of her book has dragged her “star system right down.” – well, I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo which said I was only allowed to post positive reviews!

The simple fact of the matter is that her book is not something that I would envisage having a very broad market to sell to. It is a reference book (& not a very good one, at that). She asked me why I requested a copy of her book when she thought she had made it clear it was for people with a grasp of French already……well, Madam, je peut parler francais. Je suis Canadienne, je viens du Nouveau-Brunswick, le provinece seulement au Canada où l’on parle français et en anglais. Mon compréhension de la langue française est très bonne – je suis bilingue, en fait, mais ayant une connaissance du français ne serait pas rendre votre livre pas mieux, ou plus facile à utiliser si elle est censée être un livre d’expressions français-anglais.

I’m sorry you didn’t like my review, but if you didn’t want honest opinions, you shouldn’t have solicited them.




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4 responses to “Unwelcome feedback?

  1. livingwithjoy

    Someone needs to take her fragile ego home and find a job with a little less exposure!

  2. As a writer I plan on heeding the advise that you don’t respond to people’s reviews. You’re supposed to be above that. I don’t know if I’m above it, but I’m sure I’m too sensitive to read a negative review.
    I thought your response was cool. I thought it was even cooler that I could actually understand most of it! Keep reviewing;)

    • Thanks for the feedback! Don’t get me wrong, I know it stings to have someone say negative things about something you have created – I am a very creative person, so I understand wanting people to like what you’ve created. But if you’ve put a book out there specifically with the intent that people review it before it is published, you have to be willing to accept the criticism, as well as the praise. The thing is, her (reference) book would be amazing, if she could find a format that would allow you to take it on holiday with you & easily find the words you are searching for & the words you should be avoiding, so as not to say something other than what you mean.

      I wish her the best of luck, but she either needs to get a thicker skin & accept what people say (for I am not the only one saying this), or stop reading the reviews.

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