Water for Elephants ~ the movie

I previously reviewed the book Water for Elephants, which I absolutely loved! I had read it as part of a book ring, on the Book Club Forum – the first one I ever took part in, if memory serves me correctly.

I loved the book so much I was pretty reluctant to see the movie – let’s face it, brilliant books are so rarely made into good (or excellent) movies! But, I did add it to my rental list on lovefilm when it was playing in the cinema. I couldn’t quite make myself spend the money to go see it – what if it was awful & they ruined the book? I couldn’t risk it – not with a book I loved so much.

Well, on thursday I arrived home to a new dvd from lovefilm – fully expecting it to be my next disk in the Boston Legal series that my OH & I are watching (& loving!), only, it was Water for Elephants. I popped it into my laptop tonight (I just finished watching it about 10 minutes ago) & was drawn in all over again! This is a brilliant movie that stayed so true to the book. Ok, I wasn’t fond of the choice of Robert Pattinson to play Jacob Jancowski & I had been pretty worried about the choice of Reece Witherspoon as Marlena, but I needn’t have worried.

Richard LaGravenese wrote a brilliant screenplay – he did Sara Gruen proud – but I guess I should have expected that from the guy who wrote the screenplays for (amongst others) The Fisher King, The Bridges of Madison County & The Horse Whisperer. This movie had me gripped with the suspense (pretty tough to do when you know what should be happening next cause you read the book!) & I loved Reece Witherspoon as Marlena (still not so fond of Pattinson, though that may be just a prejudice against him for his silly vampire movies). If you haven’t read the book, please do so & if you aren’t fond of reading (or can’t be bothered, lol), watch this movie! It was excellent!!


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