Inga the Viking Girl by Jacqueline Grant

I received a copy of Inga the Viking Girl from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers & I have to say that it is a shame I have it as an e-book as I am positive that my nieces, Hannah & Morgan would love it!

Inga (who as the title suggests), is a Viking girl from Einersfjord, Greenland & this book comprises 2 short stories about her. The first is called Inga Goes A-Viking & is about the village & villagers of Einersfjord, who are facing a very big dilemma. They are running out of supplies to repair their home & the merchant ships which used to stop in Einersfjord have stopped coming. The elders must decide what to do to save their town & make the decision to go A-viking – to return to their old way of life, raiding, to save their homes.

The second story is called Inga Plans a Wedding. Inga’s sister, Anna is bethrothed to Gorvid, the meanest, smelliest boy in the village. Anna is distraught – she has her heart set someone else & she and Inga set about making a plan to get either Gorvid, or their father to change their minds & call off the pairing. Will they succeed?

Inga is a mischeivious girl – determined to be a tom-boy & get to do the things that boys do. She spends her days wrestling with the boys, practicing her hunting skills, and trying to avoid her mother who is determined to make a lady out of her.

I don’t often read children’s books, not having any children myself, but I really enjoyed this one!  My only complaint is that it simply isn’t long enough. I would like to see Grant write a whole series of them – kind of like the Nancy Drew books I read when I was a kid.


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