In the Wake by Per Petterson

I read this a few weeks ago & still don’t really know what I think about this book. The author liked randomness & the abstract – that I know. Essentially, that’s what this whole book is – randomness & abstract. Having read it, it feels like the kind of book I shouldn’t have liked, but I think I actually did like it.

In the Wake is about a guy who has hit rock bottom years after his parents & 2 of his brothers are killed in a fire on a ferry. The book begins with Arvid Jansen coming to outside his old place of employment, battered & bruised & having no recollection of how he got his injuries, or how he ended up where he has. From there it’s a jumble of thoughts & actions, resulting in a book.

In the Wake is written in the 1st person, so we are reading the thoughts of a man on the brink of disaster, a man who is slowly losing control. Arvid’s thoughts are jumbled & rambling, his actions chaotic &  out of control. Because the book is written in the 1st person, this results in a book that is in turns chaotic, jumbled, rambling & out of control. I did feel that it made the book difficult to read, but it was interesting nonetheless. I guess you could say that having read the book my feelings about it are jumbled. I guess the best I can say is maybe you should read it yourself & tell me what you think!


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