World Book Night ~ What a jaded world we live in!


I was lucky enough to be chosen as a book giver for World Book Night 2012 & I got my first choice, The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Unfortunately, something came up which meant that I wouldn’t be able to do the book give away on Monday, so I did it today (which seemed like a better idea anyway, as I could guarantee that I would get to speak to loads more people by doing it on the Saturday).

So, my OH & I went into the city around noon today, backpacks full of lovely new books & our heads full of positive thoughts about what we were doing. Well, it didn’t take long for those positive thoughts to take a battering. The first woman I approached waved me off – & not nicely. The second group of women I approached looked at me as if I had ten heads, snakes for hair & green stuff in my teeth. I turned on the charm, assured them there was no catch & told them what a wonderful book I was trying to give them. They reluctantly relented & I moved on to my next victims group of people.

The day was one example of skepticism after another. It amazed me how many people brushed me off without even bothering to hear what I had to say. One women even told me to “f**k off!” Sorry people, I am only trying to bring a little “happiness-through-reading” into my tiny part of the world! Slowly, my pile of books dwindled, with the sceptics far outweighing the people interested in hearing what I had to say & gladly accepting my offer of a great free book.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple hilights – like the 2 young girls I spoke to at the end. They were dressed all in black, various piercings, dyed black hair, black make-up – not the kind of people I would normally associate with interest in reading. Well, they were so enthusiastic about the books, couldn’t have been happier to listen to me enthuse about The Time Travellers Wife & that made the whole misry-filled two & 1/2 hours completely worth it!


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