Blogging on Blackberry

I know it has been a while since I mentioned the fact that my next book review post would be for my 100th book – & it’s for a book I’ve. already read. So, you’d think that. getting that post written would be nice & easy, right?

WRONG! I’m currently living in a. hotel (which also happens to be my new place of employment) & to ensure I had space to pack my suits, I left the laptop at home, with OH. That means that my only firm of internet in the evenings is via my blackberry. I love my blackberry, but boy, it takes me 3+ times longer to write anything because it I keep screwing up! I hate the qwerty keyboard on my touch screen, so I use the phone in portrait instead of landscape. Apparently th at only makes it harder to type!

So, while the above would have normally taken only a couple of minutes to write, 30 minutes later this is the result. Suppose my fibro doesn’t help cause it hurts my pinky finger to hold the phone & type….

So, I’m afraid you are all going to have to wait until the bank holiday weekend, when I will be back home & will have access to my laptop!

Sorry folks!

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One response to “Blogging on Blackberry

  1. Congratulations on the new job. Is it what you were looking for?

    I feel the same way about blogging on small keyboards. I need to be on the laptop to write anything substantial.

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