My 100th book – Third World America by Arianna Huffington

Amazon Description: It’s not an exaggeration to say that the hard-working, average citizen on an average income is an endangered species and that the American Dream of a secure, comfortable standard of living has become outdated. The USA is in danger of becoming a Third World nation.

The evidence is all around: its industrial base is vanishing, taking with it the kind of jobs that have formed the backbone of America’s economy for more than a century; the education system is in shambles, making it harder for tomorrow’s workforce to acquire the information and training it needs to land good twenty-first-century jobs; its infrastructure – roads, bridges, water, and electrical systems – is crumbling; its economic system has been reduced to recurring episodes of Corporations Gone Wild; and its political system is broken, in thrall to a small financial elite using the power of the chequebook to control both parties. And America’s middle class, the driver of so much of the country’s economic success and political stability, is rapidly disappearing, forcing this democracy to confront the fear that it is slipping as a nation – that its children and grandchildren will enjoy fewer opportunities and face a lower standard of living. It’s the dark flipside of the American Dream – an American Nightmare of their own making.

Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of the must-read Huffington Post, has her finger on the pulse of America and unflinchingly tracks the gradual demise of the nation as an industrial, political, and economic leader. In the vein of her fiery bestseller Pigs at the Trough, Third World America points fingers, names names, and details who’s killing the American Dream. Calling on the can-do attitude that is part of America’s DNA, Huffington shows precisely what needs to be done to stop the free fall and keep the country from turning into a Third World nation. Third World America is required reading for anyone who is disturbed by the United States’ steady descent from twentieth-century superpower to backwater banana republic.

Third World America by Arianna Huffington is a look at the destruction of the Middle Class in the USA, by its political & corporate elite. Huffington chronicles case after case of people who used to be solid middle class, who had been living the American Dream, only to watch it all crumble beneath their feet, through no fault of their own. She looks at the greed of corporate America – ie: Enron, Lehman Brothers, etc & the impact this is having on the american dream & the so called “Middle Class”. The US infrastructure is crumbling – bridges on the verge of collapse, roads, dams, levies, Education systems are all at their breaking point & there’s no money to fix them, hence the decline into Third World America.

I was really looking forward to reading this book, to see whether Huffington had any new insights into what drove the recession, what needed to change to make sure it never happened again, etc.  Only, it really was just a re-hash of everything you’ve already heard, read, or seen on the news. Perhaps this is because the book was written & published a couple years into the financial crisis, so it’s all already been said? Huffington has some potentially good ideas on how the USA could be fixed, how the US can ensure this great social collapse can never happen again, but I honestly don’t think it will ever come to any fruition. In order for her ideas become reality they are going to have to dramatically change the laws in the US, change the way that government works & accept a more socialist way of life. Never going to happen!

Overall, I’m not sure I really learned anything new by reading this book and I don’t really think that the writing of it will bring about one iota of change. Unfortunately!



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2 responses to “My 100th book – Third World America by Arianna Huffington

  1. Congratulations on your 100th review!

  2. Somehow, the social good charities that have an amazing ability to transform America’s hurting people need help in creating brands that attract the eye of America’s donors. We need the Robert Irvine of charities to help create a make-over in this changing new world.

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