Let's Pretend this Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson

Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny LawsonI was pretty late in discovering The Bloggess – not entirely sure how it happened, I think one of my friends re-posted something of hers onto their Facebook page, or something like that. So, then I had to investigate & I loved reading her crazy blog! I gradually worked my way through some of her back catalogue, laughing at the insanity of her life. (Plus, I so loved the bit of Wil Wheaton coallating paper!)

So, when her book came out over here I wasn pretty excited & wanted to get it straight away, only it was pretty expensive, so it had to wait a bit. Then things happened & I became the recipient of an amazon gift card, so I (of course!) bought Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

Everyone was raving about it. That is so rarely a good thing in my reading experience. Not often have I enjoyed a book that everyone else was raving about & sadly this was no exception.  Lawson begins the book by admitting that someone somewhere is going to be offended by her book, by the things she has written/is saying & well, I was at one point.

The book starts out well enough – I did laugh in a few places, but they were more chuckles, than the belly laughs that I was used to from reading her blog. And, honestly, it just got worse from there. There is no sort of cohesion to the blog, it’s just randomness clumped together into book format. It doesn’t follow a timeline, or any kind of theme – it’s really just a bunch of her blog posts called a book. Only, there is something missing, it isn’t really like her blog. It isn’t really funny – it’s almost like she’s desperately trying to be funny & failing miserably. Maybe these were the posts that were sitting in her drafts, that she wasn’t really sure were up to being published on her blog?

I read in a review where someone complained about the number of times the joke about the publisher “hating” something had been done/written in the latest chapter. Yeah, sadly, that person was correct. It was over killed, really. I lost count of the number of times Lawson recycled that “joke”

I think my biggest arguement with the book is it’s not a memoire, not really. A memoire traditionally would actually have a bit of a story to it, would have some “flesh on the bone” – this doesn’t. It’s superficial, rambling, all over the place and in desperate need of a really really good editor.

If you are a fan of the blog – stick to the blog! Do not read this book, as there is a better than not chance you will be disappointed. I was so disappointed I gave up on her blog.

1 Star


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