Me Again by Keith Cronin

Mr Again by Keith Cronin

Miracles can be damned inconvenient. That’s what thirty-four-year-old stroke victim Jonathan Hooper learns when he wakes up after spending six years in a coma. Everyone calls Jonathan’s recovery a “miracle,” but since nobody had expected him to recover, his sudden awakening becomes an awkward intrusion on the lives of his family and friends. To make matters worse, Jonathan doesn’t even recognize these people. The stroke has wiped away most of Jonathan’s memory, while the coma has withered his body. In short, Jonathan’s not the man he used to be – whoever that was. The only bright spot for Jonathan is Rebecca Chase, a young woman he meets in the hospital’s long-term recovery unit. A stroke has drastically changed her personality, making her a stranger to her husband. Gone is the vivacious trophy wife, replaced by a shy, awkward woman with a knack for saying exactly the wrong thing. They don’t fit in. And they’ll never be the same. But now they’ve got to decide what matters most: who they were, or who they can become?

I was hooked by this book with the opening sentence, which was: “I was born on a Tuesday morning. It was a difficult birth, because I was thirty-four years old.” This was another which I went into reading having not read the blurb telling what the book was about. Not sure if that had an impact on how I felt about the book, but I do know that I loved it! I seriously could NOT put this book down! I loved reading about Jonathan Hooper’s journey back to reality, to discovering that a lot has changed in the years he has been asleep. Not to mention how much Jonathan himself has changed, since he woke up.

Me Again is narrated by Jonathan & reads very much in the format of an autobiography, albeit an autobiography of a fictional character. It is really well written, is very funny, the characters are believable and likable. While Me Again is a funny book, it is also a serious look at Strokes, Stroke victims and the resulting struggles for both the victims & the families of the stroke victims.

I highly recommend Me Again, for anyone looking for a delightful, funny, but at the same time serious look at Strokes, this is the book for you!

5 Stars



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