What's in a name?

181 posts, beginning my 5th year blogging about the books I read & now I am starting to think of making a few changes. Is this a good idea? I have been looking at the idea of buying my domain name, only not this domain name.

ceinwenn.com, or ceinwennsbookramblings.com just do not have any memorable kind of ring to it…any. So, what should it be called, then? I have a couple ideas, but the one I am leaning most toward is the one that will be the hardest to pull off! I have another blog (which I never use any more, because I just don’t have the time, or the inclination) which I would like to use as the name from that blog for this one, but as I said, I think that will pose some problems. Hopefully problems which can be overcome. We shall see.

So, as I said above, what is in a name? Am I mad to be thinking of doing this? It could mean losing whatever readers I already have, etc., etc. What do you think?


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One response to “What's in a name?

  1. If you keep this blog open with a link to your new blog in a post I don’t see why your readers wouldn’t follow your new blog. Maybe if you feel you’ve lost a lot of readers you can re-post here about now being there.

    I’m hoping to eventually get my own domain name, that’s why I started using amazon associates, but I haven’t even made enough money for them to give me any yet.

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