The Summer of Secrets by Alison Lucy

The Summer of Secrets by Alison Lucy Product Description from Amazon:

One heady summer. Three big secrets.

1989: Newlyweds Danny and Harriet arrive at their honeymoon paradise in the Caribbean. Days later Harriet returns home. Danny is left distraught but finds comfort in the arms of two women. Nine months later, three baby girls are born…

2010: Megan leaves her childhood sweetheart behind in the UK to go in search of her long-lost father. Miles from home and temptation is at every corner – not least in the arms of the gorgeous Ray…

Esme, a Mexican beauty, married Miguel at fifteen. In unlocking the secrets of her past, can she shed the shackles of her enforced marriage?

Claudia has led a life of privilege but she’s never really known what it feels like to be loved. Could David be the answer? Or will he disappoint her, just like her mother always did?

Three women set off on an adventure to uncover the secrets surrounding their missing father. It may be the only way to lay their demons to rest but seeking out the truth could tear their lives apart.

I found The Summer of Secrets while scrolling through the top sellers on my Kindle, liked the sounds of it & the price was great on Amazon, so I bought it. The book opens with Danny & Harriet on their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. Danny has a gambling problem, which results in Harriet giving up, calling it quits & leaving Danny in Mexico, while she returns home to the UK. Fast forward two 1-night stands & 9 months later & 3 baby girls are born. 15-odd years later & we’re introduced to each of these girls, in their teen years/young adulthood. They are three girls who are lost – each searching for something, but not really not knowing what, or why. Eventually all three girls end up in Cancun, searching for their father, but not sure if they are going to be able to deal with what they find.

I loved how Alison Lucy makes each chapter change between each of the three girls. Because the girls so different, different personalities, different upbringings, different reasons for searching for their father, it made each chapter fresh as we got to know each of the girls & their motives. I didn’t expect The Summer of Secrets to be as good as it was, but I found it hard to put down – I flew through it. It was a great summer read!

4 Stars


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