The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard

The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard                   Product Description from Amazon

Ruth Travers has lost a lover, both parents and her job. Now she thinks she might be losing her mind. When death strikes again, Ruth finds herself the owner of a dilapidated Victorian house on the Isle of Skye: “Tigh na Linne”, the summer home she shared as a child with her beloved Aunt Janet, the woman she’d regarded as a mother.
As Ruth prepares to put the old house up for sale, she discovers she’s not the only occupant. Worse, she suspects she might be falling in love again… With a man who died almost a hundred years ago.
I really can’t tell you much more about The Glass Guardian, besides what you’ve just read in the above book blurb, without giving away too much of the story & possibly ruining it for anyone who may want to read it. Honestly, if you want to know more, then read The Glass Guardian (or I suppose you could search out other reviews on other sites) – you’ll be glad that you did!
Linda Gillard has a knack of writing characters you really want to spend time with – characters you could easily see becoming your friends – characters so vivid and flawed – so real. And that is not to mention the talent she has of painting these wonderful pictures of the scenery where she has placed her characters & The Glass Guardian is no exception. I think Linda’s descriptions of the surroundings are the main reason I love her books. She draws you in, making you feel almost as though you are an observer in the locations where her stories are taking place, watching first hand as the action unfolds. One of the other great things about Linda’s books is that, unlike a lot of other authors I have read, her books certainly don’t follow a formula! Each book is different, with a different style & different feel and a different societal challenge. Oh yea, there is one thing that they all have in common, besides being really well written – they all have very lovely men!
Seriously, I appreciate that a ghost story/romance isn’t for everyone, but The Glass Guardian really is a good book – well written as usual & one I would not hesitate in recommending. (Along with all of Gillard’s other books)
4 Stars


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3 responses to “The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard

  1. Thanks so much for this review of my novel. I was thrilled to read it. 🙂 I’ve described THE GLASS GUARDIAN as “a paranormal for readers who don’t like paranormals”, because it’s rather different from the usual vampire/werewolf fare.

  2. “a paranormal for readers who don’t like paranormals”, because it’s rather different from the usual vampire/werewolf fare. – and thank goodness for that! Sorry Linda but if you ever write a vampire/werewolf novel, I for one will not be reading it, lol! 😉

    • I started researching paranormal novels before I wrote STAR GAZING because the heroine’s sister in that book was an author of paranormal romance. So I had to read a few vampire novels and I’d hoped I might enjoy them. Well, I found them unintentionally hilarious, I’m afraid! I just do not see the appeal of the genre (though I think TWILIGHT is a cut above the rest.) I had some fun in STAR GAZING sending up the genre and my lady author who wrote gothic vampire romance set in Edinburgh.

      And that’s as close as I’ll ever get to writing about vampires!

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