A change is coming!

I have been thinking for a fairly long while now that I might broaden my reading base, i.e; add a genre or two to what I already read – like YA. Only, I am not interested in YA, and don’t even get me started on the whole zombie/vampire thing. Classic literature bores me (is that bad?) & well, the thing is, I like what I like & I don’t really have a desire to change what I read – it just seems like a good idea. Maybe then my broadened reading would also broaden my reader base on here, right?

And then I had a great idea! Why not rope invite someone who has different reading tastes to mine to start writing for the blog? And I knew just the person! He’s 15 (yesterday), a voracious reader & a pretty cool kid*. He was the perfect choice! So, last night I asked him what he thought about the whole idea & he thought it was great. So now I just have to set him up as an author, take him on a tour of the blog & blogging, then soon we should have some new posts about different kinds of books (most likely ones I wouldn’t consider reading in say, ever!). He’s chosen a name (no real names here, please!), but I can’t remember what it is (must call him & ask, lol) and I am sure has a list longer than his arm of books he has read that he will want to talk about. So, I hope that if you are reading this you will welcome him once he’s settled in!

*See, I can call him a Kid & get away with it because I’m his aunt!



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by | April 17, 2013 · 8:01 pm

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