World Book Night 2013 – What can I do?

World Book Night 2013So yesterday we went to the library to collect my books for World Book Night 2013, but the problem is I now have no idea how/where I am going to go to give them away. As I said previously this is my second year being selected as a giver, but this year we are in a new community & I don’t know anyone in our new community (well, ok I know 1 person), so my ideas for giving the books gave me the opportunity to get into my new local community.

I was really looking forward to this this year! I made phone calls & sent out emails to the places I wanted to go to give my books & waited to hear back to see if they would allow me to come by on World Book Night & give away my books. I sent them loads of information about myself & World Book Night, explaining what I would be doing, why I wanted to do this at their establishment & what I thought would be the outcome – what I would gain from the experience & what I hoped others would gain.

The first place I tried was the hospital, where I just got the run-around. I persevered & eventually found the right people to put my request to, the sat back & waited for their decision. The decision was No, I could not go to the hospital to give my books out. Ok, time for plan B. My local community has a cancer hospice. Plan B was to go to the hospice, maybe meet some of the patients and some of their family, talk to people & give out my books. So, I sent off my email (I had thought about popping round, but my work schedule wouldn’t allow for me to take time out to do this) hoping that they would agree, that they would see the merits in what I was trying to do, in what I was offering. Weeks passed & I heard nothing, so I began trying to come up with a plan C…..

Plan C came about just 2 weeks ago. I still hadn’t heard from the hospice, so I contacted a local youth & homeless programme to see if they would allow me to come give my books out. One of the points is that we are supposed to be giving these books to people who generally do not have ready access to books, so this seemed like the perfect idea, right? So, I contacted them & they were eager to help. We set up a meeting so that we could discuss what we could do & how they could promote the event & they were even going to tell their regulars about it, so that I could ensure that people would come to the drop-in centre to meet me, to talk about books & to get a book. Well, one thing led to another & there were a few misunderstandings & the meeting never happened & now it’s too late to do anything or let anyone there know about it.

In the meantime I went back to plan B, since I still hadn’t heard from them. They ignored a couple emails, so I thought I would give it one last shot & would send them a message on their facebook page. So I went to their page & left a note, with links to World Book Night & asked them if it would be ok for me to come to the hospice to meet some of the patients & give out my books. 2 days later I had my response – a resounding No. Great!

So, now I have nowhere planned to give out my books & I only have 2 days to decide what I am going to do. I really don’t fancy standing in the centre of town again this year. Ok, it’s a different town, so maybe I’ll get a different response, but I am not holding my breath. Sort of starting to wonder why I bothered…..


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by | April 21, 2013 · 2:47 pm

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