It’s Nothing Personal by Kate O’Reilley/Sherry Gorman MD

It's Nothing PersonalProduct Description

On a chilly January morning, anesthesiologist Dr. Jenna Reiner made her daily drive to St. Augustine Hospital, completely unaware that her life was about to change forever. One of the surgical technicians has been stealing syringes and infecting patients with hepatitis C. The battle against the thieving surgical technician was only the beginning. Jenna Reiner was about to begin the fight of her life — the fight for her reputation, her pride, and her sanity. Beautifully composed, and inspired by true events, “It’s Nothing Personal” is a riveting, suspenseful, and emotional thriller which chronicles the story of faith and fortitude when an innocent woman finds herself surrounded by corruption and greed.

I received a copy of It’s Nothing Personal from the author, in exchange for my review of her book. It’s Nothing Personal is a fictionalisation of a situation that the author went through herself. As a quick aside, I am not sure which is the nom du plume & which is the author’s real name – I corresponded with Kate O’Reilley & my copy of It’s Nothing Personal has Kate O’Reilley as the author, but on (as pictured above), it’s listed that Sherry Gorman MD is the author – not that it really makes a blind bit of difference, just thought it might be confusing as I have put both names on the title of this post & I will probably refer to the author as Kate O’Reilly.

Anyway, I started reading It’s Nothing Personal about 3 weeks ago & straight away I was drawn in to the story. Admittedly there were things about the author’s writing style that drove me crazy, but I quickly got past them. Overall the biggest things that drove me crazy about the book was O’Reilley’s repetition of a character’s name when talking about them & the very short sentences. It’s Nothing Personal is written in 3rd person point of view, but there are often times where O’Reilly uses the character’s name 4 or more times in the same paragraph, in a paragraph where it was quite clear who the narrator was talking about & there are a lot of sentences which are six words or shorter. For example, the following paragraph:

For several minutes, both Hillary and Jenna quietly went about their respective tasks. The silence made Jenna uneasy. She barely knew Hillary, who was relatively new to St. Augustine. They had worked together only a few times.     ……Hillary had bleach-blonde hair with black roots, brown eyes encircled with heavy eyeliner and mascara and an excess of tattoos and facial piercings. However, her impression was based upon more than Hillary’s physical appearance. Hillary’s manners were unrefined. She pictured Hillary more as a bartender in a seedy watering hole than as a healthcare professional. If Jenna had to choose two words to describe the scrub tech, they would be “dark” and “scrappy”. Hillary had the air of someone who had lived a hard life.

There was another really good example of the same thing, when Jenna is in a meeting with the head of Anesthesiology, Dr. Rob Somethingorother, but I can’t find it right now. In my head I kept combining sentences, where 2 short ones were together, or I substituted the character’s names for he or she or some other pronoun & it became a bit of a game to see how many variations I could come up with, without resorting to using a character’s name, which did detract from the book a bit.

However, please don’t let that stop you from reading It’s Nothing Personal as it really is a very good book! As I said, I was gripped from early on & I couldn’t wait to get back to reading. I loved the way O’Reilly paced the book, leaving months between scenes, but you never felt like you had missed anything that had happened. I thought O’Reilly wrote some very strong characters, but I do wish she had developed Jenna’s husband more & that she had shown the impact more of the case on Jenna & her family.

Overall I thought that It’s Nothing Personal was a brilliant book – especially for a first time author & I think that O’Reilly can and will only get better. I understand she has written a second book which has also been published & I think I shall add it to my list of books to read.

4 Stars



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