The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great GatsbyI love the clothing of the 20’s & while I appreciate that it wasn’t necessarily a great time in American history, with the Stock Market crash, Prohibition, Gangsters etc, but you have to admit that the clothes were great! I had wanted to go see The Great Gatsby at the cinema, but my other half wouldn’t go see it with me unless I read the book first. I should have realised it was a trick! He knows I am not a great lover of the “Classics” – I really cannot say I have picked up a “Classic” to read & have walked away after finishing thinking “I am so glad I read that book!”. More like “Oh lord, that was painful!”. They bore me. Sadly, Gatsby didn’t break the pattern.

The Great Gatsby takes place during the summer of 1922, in Long Island, New York. The story is narrated by an apprentice bond trader named Nick Carraway, who is Gatsby’s neighbour, & he takes us through the summer by narrating the interactions between his cousin, Daisy, her husband Tom Buchanan, Gatsby & himself. It’s a summer filled with parties, weird interactions with millionaires, petrol station owners, actors, actresses and small-time gangsters. It’s a story full of love triangles, deceit, parties, well, and not much else.

I really don’t understand what makes this book a classic. It is meant to be one of the best examples of American literature….Well, I found the characters annoying, didn’t like Fitzgerald’s writing style & had to force myself to finish it. I was bored with the whole thing & was quite glad when it was finished. And I never did see the film, lol!

2 Stars


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by | February 2, 2014 · 4:58 pm

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