Edit: Since my family & friends are potentially going to be looking at this (invites have been sent) – I thought it best I explain the origins of the name “Ceinwenn” as it will be completely foreign to them since that’s not my real name. Ceinwenn, though spelled a little differently (pronounced “Kine-when” or “Kane-when” depending upon where in Wales one might happen to be) – is one of the main characters in the Bernard Cornwell series of books about King Arthur. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend!


I moved to Ireland from Canada in early 2000, to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Ireland was great, but all too soon the wanderlust struck & it was time to move on, this time (courtesy of a Scottish Grandfather) to the UK. Now, 8+ years later I am still in the UK (though somewhat reluctantly). Given a choice I would move home to Canada in a heartbeat, but my heart won’t let me go. The reason for that? A gorgeous 5’10”, chocolate-brown eyed, brown haired Welshman, who answers to the name of Nige. He’s not ready to go & until he is, here I shall stay.

I have great memories of growing up in Canada  – the snow is much missed! I had what I consider to be an idylic childhood, growing up in a tiny close-knit community on Canada’s Atlantic coast. Early on I developed a love for books & my parents nurtured that love. To this day books are my solace when things have gone wrong, my place to escape to & forget that the world exists. I don’t read as voraciously as I used to – I simply do not have the time I used to, but I still think there is nothing better than sitting down and losing yourself in a good book!


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