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Book Blog Tour – Extraordinary Rendition by Paul Batista

Extraordinary Renditions


When the guard left, the iron door resonated briefly as the magnetic lock engaged itself. Byron sat in a steel folding chair. Directly in front of him was a narrow ledge under a multi-layered, almost opaque plastic window, in the middle of which was a metal circle.

Ali Hussein seemed to just materialize in the small space behind the partition. Dressed in a yellow jumpsuit printed with the initials “FDC” for “Federal Detention Center,” Hussein, who had been described to Byron as an accountant trained at Seton Hall, in Newark, was a slender man who appeared far more mild-mannered than Byron expected. He wore cloth slippers with no shoelaces. The waistband of his jump suit was elasticized—not even a cloth belt. He had as little access to hard objects as possible.

He waited for Byron to speak first. Leaning toward the metal speaker in the partition and raising his voice, Byron said, “You are Mr. Hussein, aren’t you?”

The lawyers at the Civil Liberties Union who had first contacted Byron told him that, in their limited experience with accused terrorists, it sometimes wasn’t clear what their real names were. There were often no fingerprints or DNA samples that could confirm their identities. The name Ali Hussein was as common as a coin. It was as though genetic markers and their histories began only at the moment of their arrest.

I am.” He spoke perfect, unaccented English. “I don’t know what your name is.”

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Book Blog Tour – Becoming Mona Lisa by Holden Robinson

Becoming Mona Lisa by Holden Robinson

• Pub Date: May 31, 2012
• Publisher: Black Rose Writing
• Format: Paperback/Ebook, 234 pp
• Age Range: Adult

My mother once told me if I looked at my reflection long enough, my features would become obscure, and I would gradually become a Picasso. I never asked how long it would  take, this transition from me to something I didn’t recognize. It may be minutes for some. In  my case, it took a few years. Thirty-four to be exact.

I guess it wasn’t that I’d become a Picasso. I guess I’d become more of a pooka. A  pooka is an invisible creature, like the rabbit in the old movie, Harvey, starring the  incomparable Jimmy Stewart.

The distinct difference between me, and the pooka known as Harvey, was Harvey had  always been invisible. I hadn’t. I’d simply disappeared. Over time.

I watched Harvey repeatedly, long before I understood the similarities I’d one day share with the big, white rabbit.  I loved the rabbit, but I loved Jimmy Stewart even more. Every year, at Christmas, I’d  hunker down with my mother, father, and my beloved Aunt Ida, and we’d watch It’s a  Wonderful Life, and string popcorn for the tree. Aunt Ida would watch through cataracts, I through tears, and by time the credits rolled, I’d be emotionally spent, and Aunt Ida would  have half a bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s sewn to her skirt.

My mother, ever the teacher, would turn the movie’s message into a lesson, one of  many she’d pass along, and it was her voice I’d most often heard in my head as I battled my  darkest days.

“Wear good shoes, Mona.”

“Wear good underwear, in case you crash your car, Mona.”

“Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them, Mona.”

I guess two out of three ain’t bad. I wear good shoes, and good underwear. It’s the  third one I screwed up.  Big time.

I was thinking of this as I pulled into my driveway on a Sunday evening, after an uneventful shift at WalMart. My old Jeep emitted a familiar groan as we pulled into the driveway that was once smooth, and now felt like driving a Radio Flyer down a washboard.  I shut off the ignition and we both sighed. The old truck and the unhappy wife.

Holden RobinsonAbout Author:

Holden Robinson, born Catherine Ann Holden resides in upstate New York, in the land of trees, road construction, snow belts, and four seasons. Robinson is a passionate animal activist, and shares her life with six four-legged children. Robinson aspires to merge her love for writing with her love of activism, and is at work on a poignant animal rescue story titled, And Her Name Shall Be Beloved.

Buying info: Amazon

A signed copy can be ordered by contacting Holden at her website, Holden Robinson.




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Book Blog Tour – upcoming dates!

I’m starting to participate in a few more blog tours, so I thought that as I sign up for more, I’d post about them to let you all know what’s coming.

21/10/2012 – Becoming Mona Lisa by Holden Robinson – I will be presenting an excerpt of the book.

Book Description from Amazon:

We are not invisible because the world does not see us. We become invisible when we can no longer see ourselves. In a moment of epiphany, Mona Lisa Siggs, scratches a poignant quote on a lavender envelope. Faced with the daunting choice of saving her marriage, or killing her husband – which modern forensics has made nearly impossible to get away with – Mona decides to make one final effort to rekindle a relationship seriously on the skids. Cue the birds. Hours into their reconciliation, Mona and her husband Tom, find themselves surrounded by hundreds of crows who have made their home in Aunt Ida’s trees. With the help of brother-in-law Robbie, the duo find themselves engaged in radical crow relocation methods. Effort leads to mayhem for the Siggs, as they dodge bird goo, a crazy neighbor armed with a potato gun, and local law enforcement. From the chaos, lessons emerge, those that save a relationship, and shape a life. Becoming Mona Lisa is a delightful story of love and self-discovery, delivered with side-splitting laughter.


Extraordinary Renditions22/10/2012 – Extraordinary Rendition by Paul Batista – I will be posting a book excerpt.

Book description from Amazon:

When Ali Hussein, suspected terrorist and alleged banker for Al Qaeda, is finally transported from Guantanamo Bay to the US mainland to stand trial, many are stunned when Byron Carlos Johnson, a pre-eminent lawyer and son of a high-profile diplomat, volunteers to represent him. On principle, Johnson thought he was merely defending a man unjustly captured through Rendition and water-boarded illegally. But Johnson soon learns that there is much more at stake than one man’s civil rights.Hussein’s intimate knowledge of key financial transactions could lead to the capture of—or the unabated funding of—the world’s most dangerous terror cells. This makes Hussein the target of corrupt US intelligence forces on one side, and ruthless international terrorists on the other. And, it puts Byron Carlos Johnson squarely in the crosshairs of both.Pulled irresistibly by forces he can and cannot see, Johnson enters a lethal maze of espionage, manipulation, legal traps and murder. But when his life, his love, and his acclaimed principles are on the line, Johnson may have one gambit left that can save them all; a play that even his confidants could not have anticipated. He must become the hunter among hunters in the deadliest game.Written by no-holds-barred-attorney Paul Batista, Extraordinary Rendition excels not only as an action thriller, but as a sophisticated legal procedural as well. Batista’s keen legal mind and feel for suspense bleed onto every the page. Smart. Fast. Heart-pounding. A legal thriller of the highest order.

I am sure there will be more blog tour posts to come!

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