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Hi! Remember me?

It has been 248 days since I last wrote a post here on this blog. Wow, really? 248 days? Holy crap. Where has the time gone?

Well, the time certainly hasn’t been spent avoiding books, quite the opposite, really. I’ve read (at a quick estimate) 20+ books in that time, but for some reason I just could not face taking the time to sit here at my computer & write about it. It wasn’t a case of writer’s block, not really. I just couldn’t be bothered. There, I’ve said it! For some reason writing this blog became an act of drudgery, something I dreaded on a weekly basis. I didn’t want to stop writing, but for a while I kept comparing what I was doing to all the other successful book blogs out there & that made me start to wonder why I was bothering, which then became the drudgery.

So, unintentionally (or maybe not?) I started staying away. The reading continued, but the writing stopped. I made excuses to myself, told myself that I needed to expand my reader base by getting someone else to write posts, someone who reads different things that I do – maybe YA would do the trick? So, I enlisted the help of my nephew, but it’s hard to encourage someone else who’s new to blogging when you really aren’t that enthusiastic yourself. So, 248 days has passed & I keep thinking about this place & about the reasons I started this in the first place. It was for me. As a record of the books I was reading, as a way of keeping a journal of the thoughts & feelings that by books were invoking. Somewhere along the way that all got lost. Lost in the competition to get noticed, to have people find (and like) my little piece of the bloggosphere.

Now, I won’t lie & say that I don’t still want people to find this blog, think it’s a nice little place to come to see some interesting books & see what I thought about them, cause I do. Only, now it matters a lot less than before. Before I go to the point that I was more concerned with the stats than the real reason I was blogging. So, now its back to the beginning. Back to writing (and reading) for me, and if people find me, then great. If they don’t, then I’m ok with that too. I’ll still be doing reviews of books from authors, but they will be few & far between.

So, Happy New Year & here’s to a book-filled year!

Ceinwenn xx





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A change is coming!

I have been thinking for a fairly long while now that I might broaden my reading base, i.e; add a genre or two to what I already read – like YA. Only, I am not interested in YA, and don’t even get me started on the whole zombie/vampire thing. Classic literature bores me (is that bad?) & well, the thing is, I like what I like & I don’t really have a desire to change what I read – it just seems like a good idea. Maybe then my broadened reading would also broaden my reader base on here, right?

And then I had a great idea! Why not rope invite someone who has different reading tastes to mine to start writing for the blog? And I knew just the person! He’s 15 (yesterday), a voracious reader & a pretty cool kid*. He was the perfect choice! So, last night I asked him what he thought about the whole idea & he thought it was great. So now I just have to set him up as an author, take him on a tour of the blog & blogging, then soon we should have some new posts about different kinds of books (most likely ones I wouldn’t consider reading in say, ever!). He’s chosen a name (no real names here, please!), but I can’t remember what it is (must call him & ask, lol) and I am sure has a list longer than his arm of books he has read that he will want to talk about. So, I hope that if you are reading this you will welcome him once he’s settled in!

*See, I can call him a Kid & get away with it because I’m his aunt!


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Book lenders & book bloggers ~ is this a recipe for disaster?

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts, I sometimes read books which have been loaned to me by friends/work colleagues & on occasion I have loaned or suggested books I have really loved to other people. So, what I was wondering was: Is it really possible to be someone who borrows & blogs about these borrowed books, to be objective about these books in their blogs? I always worry about whether I will enjoy the books I borrow & what I will say to the person I borrowed them from if I don’t. How do you successfully borrow, read, not really enjoy (or maybe enjoy but think the book could have been so much better), & blog about it without ending up in the ?



I recently loaned a book which I dearly love – a book which I have read more times than I care to remember – to someone & they hated it. I could tell that they were really worried about telling me, because they knew how much I had loved that book. I have to admit that I was saddened that they didn’t enjoy it like I had, but that’s life, right? What a horrible world it would be if we all read & enjoyed the same books!

So, how to deal with it when the shoe is on the other foot? Do I tell a little white lie & say I enjoyed it? If I did, it would mean not writing about that book here on my blog, because I want this to be an honest account of the books I have read. Or, do I be honest & say what I think both in person & on my blog, while risking really hurting someone’s feelings? OR do I go for the 2-pronged approach? Tell them it was ok, say a few things I did or didn’t like & do the same on the blog, thereby becoming a coward & taking the easy way out?

What’s a book blogger & a book borrower to do?


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Blogging buddies

So, one full week has come & gone & I have done 2 new posts on my postaweek2011 challenge & so far so good. I think my Sunday posting is going to work out really well, but I really need my reading mojo to stick with me!!! WordPress are really pulling out all the stops to help bloggers keep up their postaweek/postaday momentum – they are offering daily suggestions on things to blog about & yesterday they suggested hooking up with a “blogging buddy” – someone who can give the needed encouragement, give feedback, etc. I have subscribed to the blog suggestions & there have been some great ones, which I am sure will come in handy when the mojo decides to go on vacation, lol!

I also decided to look for a blogging buddy & have been lucky enough to find 2! Ironically, by chance, they are both Canadians, like myself & one of them is living here in the UK, too. So, I shall be checking out their blogs (maybe even “pinch” a few ideas if I am lucky!), as they are both doing the postaday challenge. So, to Living with Joy & to Just a lil lost…, I say here’s to us & our blogging!

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Post a week 2011

So, today is January 1, 2011 & with it brings new determination to get posting! I am currently sitting with 6 books read & waiting for me to blog about, so I really need to get in gear. It is with this in mind that I have decided to join WordPress.com’s Post a week 2011 campaign.

Essentially it is working to set posting habits by actually posting – novel idea! They are running 2 formats – post a week, which is the one I am going to do & post a day, which while I would love to do that, I don’t read fast enough these days to blog about books every day…….(not to mention, where would I find the time?) I think that a post a week should be quite manageable & to try & keep up some consistency I will do these on Sundays, which will leave the rest of my week for reading & maybe sneaking in a few other posts!

Can’t wait!


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