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Book lenders & book bloggers ~ is this a recipe for disaster?

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts, I sometimes read books which have been loaned to me by friends/work colleagues & on occasion I have loaned or suggested books I have really loved to other people. So, what I was wondering was: Is it really possible to be someone who borrows & blogs about these borrowed books, to be objective about these books in their blogs? I always worry about whether I will enjoy the books I borrow & what I will say to the person I borrowed them from if I don’t. How do you successfully borrow, read, not really enjoy (or maybe enjoy but think the book could have been so much better), & blog about it without ending up in the ?



I recently loaned a book which I dearly love – a book which I have read more times than I care to remember – to someone & they hated it. I could tell that they were really worried about telling me, because they knew how much I had loved that book. I have to admit that I was saddened that they didn’t enjoy it like I had, but that’s life, right? What a horrible world it would be if we all read & enjoyed the same books!

So, how to deal with it when the shoe is on the other foot? Do I tell a little white lie & say I enjoyed it? If I did, it would mean not writing about that book here on my blog, because I want this to be an honest account of the books I have read. Or, do I be honest & say what I think both in person & on my blog, while risking really hurting someone’s feelings? OR do I go for the 2-pronged approach? Tell them it was ok, say a few things I did or didn’t like & do the same on the blog, thereby becoming a coward & taking the easy way out?

What’s a book blogger & a book borrower to do?



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Blogging buddies

So, one full week has come & gone & I have done 2 new posts on my postaweek2011 challenge & so far so good. I think my Sunday posting is going to work out really well, but I really need my reading mojo to stick with me!!! WordPress are really pulling out all the stops to help bloggers keep up their postaweek/postaday momentum – they are offering daily suggestions on things to blog about & yesterday they suggested hooking up with a “blogging buddy” – someone who can give the needed encouragement, give feedback, etc. I have subscribed to the blog suggestions & there have been some great ones, which I am sure will come in handy when the mojo decides to go on vacation, lol!

I also decided to look for a blogging buddy & have been lucky enough to find 2! Ironically, by chance, they are both Canadians, like myself & one of them is living here in the UK, too. So, I shall be checking out their blogs (maybe even “pinch” a few ideas if I am lucky!), as they are both doing the postaday challenge. So, to Living with Joy & to Just a lil lost…, I say here’s to us & our blogging!

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