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The Stone Cutter by Camilla Lackberg

I finished this about a month ago, but I just have not had the desire to write anything for a while now. Life is pretty stressful at the moment & when it gets like this, well, writing is one of the things that falls by the wayside…..

The Stone Cutter is the 3rd in the series featuring police officer Patrik Hedstrom & the town of Fjällbacka, in northern Bohuslän, about 140 km north of Göteborg, Sweden. (Just looked up Fjällbacka on Google maps & it looks like a beautiful place to spend a summer!)

The story begins with Patrik being called to investigate the drowning of a child. He quickly discovers that he knows this child – he has seen her at his own home, with her mother, Charlotte, who is his partner, Erica’s best friend. Patrik begins to investigate & it very quickly becomes apparent that something very odd is going on.

Woven into the main story line is a second story about Agnes, a young, rich Swede whose father owns a quarry. This story is set in the 1920’s & initially it is hard to see where this fits in to the main story, but it does eventually begin to fit in. There are also several other smaller stories that run along-side the main plot, but luckily they don’t detract from the main story & I didn’t find it made it hard to follow, with all these characters running around.

As I said, The Stone Cutter is the 3rd book in this series & I have read the 1st one, but not the 2nd. Lackberg is a good writer & I have really enjoyed the two books I have read, but I’m not sure she really should be pigeon-holed into the genre that she is. Admittedly, she does write about mystery, but they are not mystery books in the classic sense. I think she’s kinda caught between the mystery & romance genres, which I suppose is why hardcore mystery lovers aren’t really enamoured with her books. Take the quote on the bottom of that picture above. It says: “Expert at mixing scenes of domestic cosiness with blood-curdling horror.” – only, it isn’t. Yeah, there’s the domestic cosiness – in spades – but the blood-curdling horror? I guess I read a different book! It was more like slow burning mystery full of domestic cosiness (mystery lite?). Enjoyable, but definitely not in the leagues of Deaver, Child & Mankell.



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Global Reading Challenge ~ Country # 170) Sweden

Those of you who may know me will know that I am a little obsessed with Sweden. 🙂 As with Canada, I struggled with what to read for my choice for Sweden. I have so many authors that I want to read, especially because of this website. Camilla Lackberg is an up & coming author in the rest of the world, but is one of Sweden’s best known Crime writers.  I’d never read any of her writing & the reviews I’ve previously read have led me to think that Lackberg is going to become one of my favourites!

The Ice Princess follows Erica Falck, a writer, who has returned to her home town of Fjällbacka after the tragic death of her parents. While in Fjällbacka settling her parents’ Estate, Erica discovers that her childhood best friend, Alex, has been found dead in her home, her wrists slashed in an apparent suicide. Soon it becomes clear that Alex hasn’t committed suicide, but has been murdered. After seeing Alex’s parents & her husband, and discovering that Alex has some deeply hidden secrets, Erica becomes a bit obsessed with the idea of writing a book about Alex’s life.

The Ice Princess follows Erica as she delves into the secrets of Alex’s life, trying to figure out what happened to Alex to lead her to death in a frozen bathtub with slashed wrists. Erica re-lives the moments of their shared childhood, trying to figure out what happened to Alex & her family to force them to leave Fjällbacka, and Erica, so suddenly, not to be heard from again until adulthood. Erica inevitably gets mixed up in the police investigation, which is being led by another childhood friend, Patrik Hedstrom. Together they investigate Alex’s past & in the process begin to discover that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

At times there is a bit of predictability to this book & it does sometimes read more like a romance novel than thriller but overall, I think it was a very good book. The Ice Princess is Lackberg’s first book & while it’s no Jeffery Deaver thriller, I really enjoyed it & I fully intend to read the rest of her books.

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