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Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman

For a long time Jonathan Kellerman’s books were like an old friend – something I could count on to read when I was in need of a good book. I eagerly awaited each new installment, biding my time reading other books. Then I moved over here to the UK & discovered that Kellerman’s books weren’t so easy to find, so I moved on to other authors & left Kellerman (& Alex Dellaware) behind.

Then, gradually I started seeing Kellerman books on the shelves in the books stores, but there was always some other book I wanted to read more. Then a couple weeks ago I was in Sainsbury’s looking at the books & there, amongst the others on the shelves was Mystery. I picked it up & added it to my basket. It was the first Kellerman book I had bought in ten years, so I was a little worried I’d be too far behind to enjoy the story, but I needn’t have worried.

It was like slipping into a conversation that I had started ages ago with a dear friend – things had moved on, but I still knew what was happening – it was almost as though no time had passed at all.

Alex & Robin decide to attend the closing event for the Beverly Fauberg hotel (one of their favourite places to go for drinks), which is being torn down. While there they observe a beautiful young girl all dressed in white, obviously waiting for someone to arrive. A few days later Alex discovers through Milo, that the woman they saw was murdered after she left the Fauberg. Soon, Alex & Robin are involved in the case, since they were possibly the last ones to see this young lady alive.

Mystery is typical in the Alex Dellaware novels – lots of twists & turns, Alex & Milo working together to solve the case. It was a nice pleasant read – like slipping into your favourite pair of pyjamas. Guess it’s time to dig out the ones I missed in the 11 years that passed between us!


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Favourite authors, revisited

I often become “attached” to an author & read everything they publish (Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell – before her books went off the rails, Linda Fairstein, Tess Gerritsen, Ian Rankin), but all of this was started with my love of Jonathan Kellerman’s writing. I’m pretty sure it was my Mom that introduced me to Kellerman & I instantly fell in love with his writing & eagerly awaited every new offering (sometimes for as long as 2 years). He was easily my favourite author. Then, I moved over here to the UK where I knew no one else who read his books & got introduced to other authors who became firm favourites – Child, Reichs & others.

Unfortunately all of these new authors lead to Kellerman being relegated to the literary scrap heap of my reading & the last book of his I had read was Dr. Death way back in 2000 – it was the first (& last) of his books that I would buy over here. His books were difficult to find & all these new authors meant that Kellerman fell further & further off the radar. Too many great books, too little time!!

Over the past couple of years I have started to see Kellerman’s books on the shelves in both the book stores & in the supermarkets & I kept telling myself I should pick them up again to read, but just didn’t. I did miss the books (I loved the characters of Alex Dellaware & Milo Sturgis. They were like old friends in a distant city.  You know they’re there, you never speak to them because life gets in the way, but just know that, should your paths cross again, it would be like no time had passed & you’d be able to pick up just about where you left off last time you saw each other.

So, a couple weeks ago I was in Sainsbury’s looking for new books to read & there, staring me in the face was the latest offering from Kellerman. I hesitated because it’s been 11 years & 12 books in the Dellaware series since I read anything Kellerman had written, so maybe I should just walk away is what I was thinking. I picked up Mystery (said Kellerman book) & read the back of the book, then put it back – too much time had passed & if I was going to start reading Kellerman I really should start with the next book in order, right? Only, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I needed to buy it & read it – so I did. I’ve been reading it every day since (on the bus to & from work) & I am so glad I bought it! It’s like finding that distant best friend again! I’ve slipped into that old familiarity of a long lost friend, so I guess I best head out & buy the ones I’ve missed over the last 11 years!

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Chic-lit just for girls?

So, the other day I got on the bus (after having had to run for it) & the only seat left on the lower deck was way at the back. I sauntered back & plonked myself into my seat & opened my book (Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman) to start reading. I happened to glance to the right & noticed that the person in the seat diagonal to me was reading as well. They were reading some chic lit book – can’t remember the title now, but I know the cover was a very soft pink & it was something like “House Husband” or something like that.

Then I looked at the person reading said book & had to do a bit of a double take cause it was a guy! Ok, I’m all for equal opportunity & all that, but it was weird seeing a guy reading a book which is clearly marketed to women. Weirder that he was doing it in public! (Listen to me, I’m making it sound like he was involved in some indecent activity instead of just reading a book!). Or, am I the weird one for thinking it weird that a guy would want to read chic lit?

Do you know any guys who read chic lit? I don’t (or at least not that I am aware of). My OH makes fun of me when I read chic lit & I cannot imagine him sitting on the bus with a pink paperback. I just don’t see that happening in this lifetime! Don’t get me wrong, he’s not all “I only read hard man books!” (lol), quite the opposite, he’d likely take the piss out of someone for reading them as well – he’s more into his intellectual snobbery books.


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