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Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs

I have found that a lot of authors who write a series of books about the same character(s) get to a point that you, the reader, wish they had killed off said character(s) well before they actually do (if they ever do). Well, it was starting to feel that way with the Tempe Brennan series. I have loved the books – the first 10, at least. 11 & 12 were not great, (bordering on awful) & I wondered if Reichs had reached that point where it would be better to just walk away from the characters because the stories were getting more & more unreal & much less enjoyable.

So, it was with some apprehension that I bought Spider Bones. I needn’t have worried.

Spider Bones see’s Dr. Brennan back in Montreal, just as spring is beginning to come into full-force. A body is discovered floating in a lake in the suburbs & Brennan & Detective Ryan investigating the find. The body is quickly ID’d as John Lowery, but that’s just where the fun begins. It seems as though the body they find was “previously” identified & buried in the USA. So,  just who is buried in the US, & who is the body Brennan & Ryan thought they had identified?

Spider Bones was full of the old twists & turns that Reichs is known for, along with the usual forensic information & sexual tension between Ryan & Brennan. It was definitely a return to form (I couldn’t put it down) for Reichs & I can only hope that her next one is as good as this.


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206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

I spent part of last night setting up a new page on here, where I have listed all the books I have reviewed on my blog. I’ve seen this on a few other blogs & I think it makes a nice easy way for readers (if there are any, lol) to quickly see the books that I have read & click on the link to get to that post, rather than using the archives or the search function of the blog. Whilst doing that I realised that I had not done a review of 206 bones, only the post where I mentioned that I’d read it in just about 1 day.

Up until recently (read as in until Devil Bones) I devoured Kathy Reichs‘ books as soon as they came out. I loved them…then I read Devil Bones & started to wonder if maybe Reichs was going the way of so many other authors who write series. Was it time for Reichs to retire Tempe & Ryan & begin with someone else? It was starting to feel that way – until 206 Bones, that is.

From Amazon: “Temperance Brennan swims to consciousness, queasily aware that her feet are painfully tied to her hands. She finds that she is in an enclosed space, and keeps her fear at bay by remembering what she has been doing recently — travelling with the body of an heiress to a Chicago morgue. Does this have something to do with her grim predicament? Or is it concerned with a recent phone call, an accusation of abuse of practice in the pathology lab? But the man who could have shed light on this call is dead…”

206 Bones sees Brennan & Ryan investigating a series of unusual deaths both in Chicago & Montreal. Upon returning to Montreal Tempe finds that things are happening in the lab, mistakes are made which are causing people to question her abilities & her loyalties. While she battles the horrible Montreal winter, colleagues who suddenly distrust her, and a neighbour who wants to kill her cat, Tempe works to discover what exactly is happening until she is suddenly underground, hog-tied & fighting for her life….again.

I have seen other reviews where some people have expressed some of the same concerns that I am feeling – that maybe there’s a bit of “re-hashing” with these books. Well, there is, but in this instance I didn’t so much mind. I like the story of  Brennan & Ryan, I like the way that they play off of each other & the fact that their relationship is believable. What I don’t like is that Brennan is always in jeopardy in all of Reichs’ books. I think there is enough action in the solving of the cases Reichs crafts to keep readers glued to the pages without having the “Oh look, somebody’s kidnapped Tempe again” moment.

I loved 206 Bones, but I do think that perhaps Reichs ought to take a break & come up with some new characters, or at the very least, write a book or two featuring Brennan & Ryan – without the usual kidnapping taking place. Maybe this is enough of a good thing. Just sayin’


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I'm sooo tired! (and proud at the same time)

Last night (Wednesday night) I did something I haven’t done in so long I can’t remember the last time I did it, lol! One of the girls from work loaned me a book (Kathy Reichs), which I put off reading for ages. I love Kathy Reichs, but her books were starting to bore me (or at least the last one I read was!). It was horrible & kind of put me off of reading her newest books – which is terrible because I always buy them as soon as they come out!

So anyway, on Monday I picked up 206 Bones to read on the bus on the way to/from work. That’s only a 10-15 minute journey each way, so I didn’t get much read. Yesterday, same thing, reading on the bus to & from work. By the time I arrived home I had read maybe a chapter & 1/2 & was really enjoying what I was reading. So, fast forward to having just finished eating dinner & instead of having a nap like I said I was going to do (I had been up since 5am, so I deserved it!), I picked up 206 Bones & began to read. That was at 7pm. I finished reading 206 Bones at 12:34am!  Ok, not really reading a book in one sitting, but it may as well have been, lol!

Today I am shattered, but it was such a great feeling to be so wrapped up in my book last night. A few times my boyfriend pointed out that I should probably go to bed (6am comes early!), but I couldn’t. I was like a woman possessed!  206 Bones was an excellent return to form for Ms. Reichs & I can’t wait to go get another book off the shelf & I live in hope this next book (whoever the author, whatever the subject) grips me like this last one did!


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Am I strange?

My favourite genre of books is the Thriller, or “Murder Mystery Mayhem”, as I like to call it. This is what I read the most & I have my definite favourites, including Jeffery Deaver (the man is a genius!), Kathy Reichs & Linda Fairstein, to name but a few. Now, the reason I ask the above question is this:

I would say that 90 % of the time when I read a thriller, I start at the beginning (always a good place to start 🙂 ) & read until I really get into the book, then this irresistible force seems to take me over & I have this undeniable need to read the final few chapters to see what happens! It’s an unstoppable force & when the urge surfaces, I always give in! Resistance, as they say, is futile!

I know, I know – this is sooooooooo wrong. Or, at least that is what everyone tells me (the rare few I have been brave enough to reveal my hideous secret to , at least!).  They insist that I am ruining the book, that OBVIOUSLY the idea of this particular genre especially, is to keep you in suspense, keep you guessing what is going to happen, to as close to the end of the book as possible. So, by skipping forward & reading the ending before I have read the middle, I am destroying what the author has created. But am I really?

I know that I am far from alone in this despicable habit, but I have to be honest & tell you that it is not a habit I intend to break. I love reading the beginning & the end first, then tucking into the middle (hmmmm, Mom, if you’re reading this does this remind you of anything from my childhood? Maybe my teachers were right!). To me at least, the middle of the book is the best bit. The beginning & the end are just (to compare a book to a sandwich) the bread & the middle is the lovely chicken salad filling.  The beginning & the end are almost irrelevant & to me, there is no greater feeling than knowing who the killer is, a few chapters into a book (not by figuring it out, but by reading it), then spending the rest of the book trying to guess how in heaven’s name the author is going to get you there. That’s what I love!

So, while I may be strange, I have no intention of changing & besides, who says that you lot who read a book cover to cover aren’t the strange ones? lmao!

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