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Should you judge a book by its size? AKA: Does size really matter?

A Kindle and a pile of books

So, I have started reading and am really enjoying Dominion by CJ Sansom, but there is one thing that I am struggling with. See, for a while now I have been resorting to “Old School” reading aka, buying paper instead of electronic, but I am really wishing that I had gone the electronic route with the book. It’s a whopper! So much so that it barely fits into my handbag in the morning, and it adds a load of weight to one shoulder (picture a 40-something woman sloped to one side while walking to get the bus, and that’s just about right, lol). It’s 717 pages in length & measures: 19 x 13 x 5 cm – 5cm thick!!

Then there’s the problem with holding it to read. I don’t have overly small hands, but I find it difficult to hold this book to read. It’s the kind of book that needs to be sat on a desk to read, which in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a) I don’t have a desk, except at work & I suspect that my boss would frown upon me sitting at said desk to read while I am actually meant to be working, and b) I usually read, as previously mentioned in another post, whilst sitting on the bus for 30-40 minutes on the journey to and from work. So, since I am finding this book hard to hold it has meant that on several occasions I have chosen to stare out the window, or cat nap rather than read. Not good! Also, I sometimes suffer from a pinched nerve in my left wrist, which I have self diagnosed as a repetitive strain injury, and reading/holding Dominion has aggravated this as

So, when does a paperback book become too big? Is there such a thing as too big? Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that this particular book is exactly as long as it needs to be, but maybe there was another way of doing this? How do the publishers decide on what format a paperback is going to be in? I realise that this last sentence doesn’t make much sense to anyone but me, but what I am trying to say is, couldn’t they have gone with one of those paperbacks that are larger than a standard paperback? Like this: (apologies, this was the best example I could find)Different size

The larger size book would have meant more words per page, therefore less pages needed, therefore thinner book. To all you authors out there, have you ever seen one of your books and thought “oh boy, that’s sorta big.”

…Surely I cannot be the only one who finds chunky books hard to read?






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Eating my words…

“I don’t have an e-reader & would never (although they do say never say “never”) buy one.” – oh how I knew that those words would come back to haunt me! Technically the above is still partially true – I do now have an e-reader, but I didn’t buy it. Does that count? My main Christmas present this year was a Kindle.

Thor – My Kindle

So now it is time to eat my words! Don’t get me wrong, I am not thrilled with the idea of having the Kindle (which is why I’ve given it the name Thor) – I suspect I am going to have a very volatile relationship with my Kindle, so a strong name like Thor is fitting(for those of you who may not know, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning & storms – aka: volatile things).

I’ve now had Thor in my life for 6 days & I have only bought one book – but haven’t started reading it yet (partly because I am in the middle of a really good paperback about Zimbabwe & partly because I feel like a bit of a fraud).  Need to get over that though, because the reason I needed the Kindle was so that I could continue to read review books. I love the idea of being able to read books & review them here on my blog – books that authors have sent me, or books through the various other possible sources (librarything early reviewers, Netgalley, Smashwords, Nurture Book Tourz, etc), but they are all e-books these days. Not having an e-reader meant that I had to read the books off of my laptop, which I just could not do. This has meant that I now have a massive backlog of books waiting to be read, with no chance of them being read any time soon.

So, now I have bitten the bullet & am the owner of a Kindle (but I’m going to dig my heals in & refuse to like it for a little while longer! 🙂 )

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House of Silence by Linda Gillard

Ok, so I caved & bought House of Silence to read on my laptop…..then spent the entire time wishing it was possible to print it myself, as reading it off the computer just drove me crazy! I downloaded it on April 3rd & only finished it today – because it got to the point where I had to force myself to read it. I appreciate that this is different from reading it on a Kindle, but I don’t own a Kindle & have no intentions of buying one for myself any time soon. I am very happy that Linda was able to get this book out to her eager readers & I do think that publishers are idiots for not publishing her books, but Kindle for computer is definitely not for me.

House of Silence has had some rave reviews on other blogs & on Amazon, but I am afraid that this is not going to be one of those. I loved Linda’s other books (for those of you who have not read them, they are: Emotional Geology, Star Gazing & A Lifetime Burning), but I was left feeling somewhat ambivelant about this one. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing overtly wrong with House of Silence, I just thought that it wasn’t as good as the previous offerings from Linda. It is a good book, but it isn’t one that is going to stay with me, which the previous three (for various reasons), did.

House of Silence centres on the stories of Gwen & Alfie. Gwen is a wardrobe mistress & Alfie an actor. They meet on the set of a period drama & become a couple. When Christmas comes Gwen convinces Alfie to take her to Creake Hall, his family’s country estate in Norfolk, so she can experience a “family Christmas”.  On the drive from London to Norfolk Alfie regales Gwen with horror stories of his crazy family, in the hopes of getting her used to the idea that family is not all it’s cracked up to be. On arrival at Creake Hall we are introduced to Hattie, Alfie’s sister closest in age to him (and my favourite character), and Viv, Alfie’s eldest sister. Very quickly Gwen begins to question the relationships (or lack of) of Alfie & his siblings. Things are not as they seem, but she can’t quite put her finger on what’s not quite right. This nagging sense of something being off kilter leads Gwen to question everything she sees and everything she believes she knows about Alfie & his family – with some devastating concequences!

All-in-all, House of Silence is a decent book, one I would recommend. But as I said, Linda’s earlier offerings were far superior! (Sorry Linda!!!)

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E-books & E-readers ~ part II

So, as I mentioned before, I am not a great fan of e-books or the idea of e-books. To me, it just goes against the grain, is contrary to nature, it just somehow seems so wrong. Quite a while ago I did download an e-book (or a version thereof) onto my computer (It was the Hunchback of Notre Dame), because it was free on Google books. I never read it – oh I tried. Boy did I try. It felt wrong & I hated it, so I gave up.

I just know that I am going to be (or at least try to be) the last human on the planet to buy an e-reader. I feel that strongly about them. I don’t want to support something that is attributing to the demise of the book store,  the library & the paper book (ok, maybe we could argue about the first two, but I am right about the last one!). Call me a traditionalist (I’m Ok with that!), but I think that publishers are being short sighted when it comes to the publishing of e-books over paper books. I think they are limiting the audience who will get to experience these wonderful books & in my mind, that is never a good thing. It’s almost like segregation, only with books. Sure, e-books are often (at least in the UK) cheaper than paper books, but the readers you need to read them on sure aren’t. I can’t afford to spend £111.00 on something that will allow me to read books. How many people are being denied wonderful books just because a small portion of the world wants everything to be digital?

Now, one of my favourite authors has just released her latest book (her fourth! 🙂 ) & the only way that I am going to be able to read it is by buying the Kindle version & downloading it onto my laptop. This is the book in question:

– the book that is causing me untold emotional stress (ok, maybe I am exaggerating slightly). I want to read her book, I want to support her, & I want other people to read  her book & support her, but something is stopping me from pressing that button on amazon.co.uk & downloading it onto my computer….what to do, what to do!


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