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Inga the Viking Girl by Jacqueline Grant

I received a copy of Inga the Viking Girl from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers & I have to say that it is a shame I have it as an e-book as I am positive that my nieces, Hannah & Morgan would love it!

Inga (who as the title suggests), is a Viking girl from Einersfjord, Greenland & this book comprises 2 short stories about her. The first is called Inga Goes A-Viking & is about the village & villagers of Einersfjord, who are facing a very big dilemma. They are running out of supplies to repair their home & the merchant ships which used to stop in Einersfjord have stopped coming. The elders must decide what to do to save their town & make the decision to go A-viking – to return to their old way of life, raiding, to save their homes.

The second story is called Inga Plans a Wedding. Inga’s sister, Anna is bethrothed to Gorvid, the meanest, smelliest boy in the village. Anna is distraught – she has her heart set someone else & she and Inga set about making a plan to get either Gorvid, or their father to change their minds & call off the pairing. Will they succeed?

Inga is a mischeivious girl – determined to be a tom-boy & get to do the things that boys do. She spends her days wrestling with the boys, practicing her hunting skills, and trying to avoid her mother who is determined to make a lady out of her.

I don’t often read children’s books, not having any children myself, but I really enjoyed this one!  My only complaint is that it simply isn’t long enough. I would like to see Grant write a whole series of them – kind of like the Nancy Drew books I read when I was a kid.


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Unwelcome feedback?

So, tonight I logged onto a site I frequent, to find a private message waiting for me. Turns out it was from the author of a book I had reviewed. She isn’t very happy with me because my rating of her book has dragged her “star system right down.” – well, I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo which said I was only allowed to post positive reviews!

The simple fact of the matter is that her book is not something that I would envisage having a very broad market to sell to. It is a reference book (& not a very good one, at that). She asked me why I requested a copy of her book when she thought she had made it clear it was for people with a grasp of French already……well, Madam, je peut parler francais. Je suis Canadienne, je viens du Nouveau-Brunswick, le provinece seulement au Canada où l’on parle français et en anglais. Mon compréhension de la langue française est très bonne – je suis bilingue, en fait, mais ayant une connaissance du français ne serait pas rendre votre livre pas mieux, ou plus facile à utiliser si elle est censée être un livre d’expressions français-anglais.

I’m sorry you didn’t like my review, but if you didn’t want honest opinions, you shouldn’t have solicited them.



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LibraryThing Early Reviewers

I had the worst day ever at work on Friday – almost 2 hours locked behind the door of my office in floods of tears. Those of you who know me might have an idea of how hard it as has been – we have not had any stability at work pretty much since I started there & we have had a change of managers 6 times in 16 months…..too much change. Add on top of that the change of 2 operating systems, which I am in charge of & it has meant that since mid-December I have not done much of own my job. I am so behind that I can’t seem to see the forest for the trees (& I don’t really see an end coming any time soon!)

So, you may be wondering by now what this has to do with books & LibraryThing Early Reviewers…….

I came home from work on Friday totally deflated & hating the world & just about everybody in it, until I walked into my livingroom & there was a big white envelope from Faber & Faber – the publishers. Inside the envelope was this lovely looking book:

Which I have been lucky enough to be sent as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers!!! My OH is baffled about why I keep getting sent these books, but I think it is such a great thing! If you are unfamiliar with LibraryThing and/or the Early Reviewers, have a look here. LibraryThing is an online catalogue for your books, a great place to “talk” with like-minded book readers, learn about new authors & a great place to snag some free books to review!

Oh I love getting free books!! Must finish the other 2 books I have on the go & get this started & get it reviewed!

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Do you remember all of the books you have read?

So, as I have previously mentioned, I am a member of LibraryThing, where I have been trying to keep a record of all of the books I have read. It’s a pretty labourious task & today I treated myself to something to make that task a little easier!

If you’re wondering what it is, it’s a CueCat, a barcode scanner for books! If you’ve never used LibraryThing, it’s like an electronic LIbrary & for someone like me (someone who never keeps her books), this is a great way to record (& rate) what you have read. The only problem is that it’s a bit time consuming! I like to keep all my books until I have them loaded onto LibraryThing, which I have not been doing for a while, so I have well over 100 books which need to be added. Manually entering all those ISBN numbers is a pain in the butt! Luckily, LibraryThing sell the CueCats at a really decent price & I have been eyeing it for a while & today decided – what the heck! So, now I am eagerly awaiting the afternoon that the Postie arrives with my CueCat so I can tackle that backlog of books!!


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Global Reading Challenge ~ Country # 198) Zimbabwe

an-elegy-for-easterly1I started this post over a month ago – it never takes me a month to read a book & certainly not a book of only 274 pages…….unless I am not enjoying said book. An Elegy for Easterly was a book I received from LibraryThing Early Reviewers & it is a good(ish) book, but just not for me. The some of the stories seemed unfinished & totally abstract (unfortunately abstract & Ceinwenn do not make happy bed/book/art/whatever-mates). I like concrete, structured finished stories & this collection of short stories isn’t that.

Take for instance the story called “An Elegy for Easterly” – It’s about a kind of shanty-town where there is a very insane woman called Martha Mupengo who is pregnant but nobody knows where Martha came from or who is the father of her unborn baby. Enter some woman named Josephat, who is desperate to have a baby but can’t, who steals Martha’s baby then leaves her for dead. It turns “out that the baby is probably Josephat’s husbands. Not long after the baby is born the government bulldozes the compound & Martha’s body is found. In a nutshell that is the story – without the African-ness & without the abstractness of the story. While the story made sense, it was wrapped a little too much in abstract for me to enjoy.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed this book more because I had really been looking forward to it. I loved the cultural elements of the book, but the abstract I could have done without. I have no regrets in reading this book though, as it’s not something I would normally have read & that’s exactly why I originally embarked on this Global reading  journey!

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