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A change is coming!

I have been thinking for a fairly long while now that I might broaden my reading base, i.e; add a genre or two to what I already read – like YA. Only, I am not interested in YA, and don’t even get me started on the whole zombie/vampire thing. Classic literature bores me (is that bad?) & well, the thing is, I like what I like & I don’t really have a desire to change what I read – it just seems like a good idea. Maybe then my broadened reading would also broaden my reader base on here, right?

And then I had a great idea! Why not rope invite someone who has different reading tastes to mine to start writing for the blog? And I knew just the person! He’s 15 (yesterday), a voracious reader & a pretty cool kid*. He was the perfect choice! So, last night I asked him what he thought about the whole idea & he thought it was great. So now I just have to set him up as an author, take him on a tour of the blog & blogging, then soon we should have some new posts about different kinds of books (most likely ones I wouldn’t consider reading in say, ever!). He’s chosen a name (no real names here, please!), but I can’t remember what it is (must call him & ask, lol) and I am sure has a list longer than his arm of books he has read that he will want to talk about. So, I hope that if you are reading this you will welcome him once he’s settled in!

*See, I can call him a Kid & get away with it because I’m his aunt!



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Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James

A few weeks before I finished at my last job I was talking books with some of the girls & our Sales Manager asked me if I had heard of 50 Shades of Grey. I said I hadn’t & she told me that I probably wouldn’t like it as it was naughty & not as highbrow as the stuff I normally read. Well, I’m not averse to that kind of book, but it did make me chuckle that she would think that, cause I would say that the stuff I read is definitely not “High Brow” – though I do know what she is talking about as I have been reading a book about American politics & I do tend to favour that kind of thing in life, but not so often in my books.

So, of course I had to come home & download the first one on Thor (my Kindle, in case you wondered, lol). I flew through it & quickly downloaded Fifty Shades Darker. I found this one less entertaining than Fifty Shades of Grey, but I still enjoyed it. Next I downloaded Fifty Shades Freed & I really enjoyed it too, though I wasn’t too excited by the ending & the two extra bits tagged onto the end just seemed odd to me.

Through the course of reading the three books I became aware of the controversy around the  books – that they are originally fan fiction (for Twilight, no less) & that a lot of people have really been ripping them to shreds. I read one blog where the blogger’s whole post was about the 50 things they hated about 50 Shades of Grey – Lots of people found it funny, but I didn’t. I just thought it came across as pure snobbery – the exact thing I try to avoid in my reading.  Now, I’m not really wanting to wade into that argument, I firmly believe that people should read whatever they enjoy & who cares what anyone else thinks about it. Read them or don’t – the choice is yours, but I would suggest that you not pay attention to all of the hype (both good and  bad) & make up your own mind.

The crux of it is, I read them & enjoyed them – sure there were things that bugged me about the stories, like Ana & Christian’s incessant need to be constantly reassured that the other one does love them & isn’t leaving them – that gets kinda old. And Ana constantly saying “Oh my” whenever Christian is around & does anything even remotely sexual did grate on my nerves, but it didn’t ruin the books for me. All in all, I thought they were easy, mindless, lazy-day reading & personally, sometimes that’s just what I need!

I give Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker & Fifty Shades Freed 


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Chic-lit just for girls?

So, the other day I got on the bus (after having had to run for it) & the only seat left on the lower deck was way at the back. I sauntered back & plonked myself into my seat & opened my book (Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman) to start reading. I happened to glance to the right & noticed that the person in the seat diagonal to me was reading as well. They were reading some chic lit book – can’t remember the title now, but I know the cover was a very soft pink & it was something like “House Husband” or something like that.

Then I looked at the person reading said book & had to do a bit of a double take cause it was a guy! Ok, I’m all for equal opportunity & all that, but it was weird seeing a guy reading a book which is clearly marketed to women. Weirder that he was doing it in public! (Listen to me, I’m making it sound like he was involved in some indecent activity instead of just reading a book!). Or, am I the weird one for thinking it weird that a guy would want to read chic lit?

Do you know any guys who read chic lit? I don’t (or at least not that I am aware of). My OH makes fun of me when I read chic lit & I cannot imagine him sitting on the bus with a pink paperback. I just don’t see that happening in this lifetime! Don’t get me wrong, he’s not all “I only read hard man books!” (lol), quite the opposite, he’d likely take the piss out of someone for reading them as well – he’s more into his intellectual snobbery books.


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What made you a reader?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading books. I love being able to slip into another dimension & lose myself in a story. There’s just something so wonderful about being able to suspend your own personal reality & slip into someone elses.

Growing up I knew I wasn’t part of the popular crowd, but I wasn’t the school pariah either (unfortunately for her that honour was saved for another girl), but I did get bullied by some of the popular girls. I’ve never had a lot of friends & have mostly been fine with that – I prefer small groups to large crowds & like solitary activities more than group escapades, so I suppose it’s only natural that reading be something that I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I have terrific memories of hanging out with my friends in the summer, canoeing, swimming in the river, riding our bikes – just generally being kids & having fun.

Then my best friend moved to Manitoba & suddenly I was alone. Looking back, that was a real turning point for me. I lost my anchor & found that the other people I had considered my friends really weren’t, so I turned even more to my books. I remember in grade 5 , we had a bit of a competition to see who could read the most books that school year. We had to write a book report about every book we read that year & I came second to a guy named Craig, who beat me by one book. I was so disappointed! All these years later I even remember some of the books I read – like Murphy’s Boy by Torey Hayden. It wasn’t on the list of books that our teacher had approved (Mom was at college at the time & this was one of the books she’d had to read for her psychology class) & I remember my Mom had to go into the school to talk to the teacher about the book, about whether they would allow me to read it.

As the years passed & I found I had less & less in common with my peers, I turned more & more to reading, to the point that by High School it had become a survival mechanism – I hated my new school & just didn’t fit in. Even in my own family I felt like I didn’t belong (my Mom sometimes jokes that I should have been an only child) & reading was my way of escaping. It was also, I suspect, a coping mechanism, as I was that prototypical middle child. It took a long time, but finally in my mid-twenties I accepted who I was & reading became less about escape & more about pleasure. Now, with the every day stresses of work & life, reading is no less important to me, but sadly is something I have far less time to do.

My nephew, Zach, is also a reader (though I don’t profess to know what drives him to read) & I know that it brings him as much pleasure as it brings me. For his birthday last year I contacted the author, Robert Muchamore, who Zach loves. Mr. Muchamore was so kind & sent Zach an out of print copy of one of his books, which he signed, along with a bunch of other stuff to do with his Cherub series of books. I thought that was pretty cool of him! By all accounts my niece, Hannah is also a reader & is now getting to that age where I could buy her books for a Christmas or birthday present & I know how much they will be loved. I am really looking forward to Christmas when I can shower them with books! My ultimate dream, though, would be to have a child of my own to share my love of books with, but I suspect I will have to live with sharing that love with my nephew & niece, as time is just about up for me on the childbearing front. Shame, it could have been fun!


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Readwalking – do you do it?

I was trying to think of something to write about today when I chanced upon a post on another blog about this. Readwalking seems to be something that a lot of people have blogged about, either as the person doing the readwalking or their observations about people doing it.

Admittedly, I am guilty of it! During the week, the only opportunity I really have to read is on my way to work & on my way home at night. This means reading while in transit, including whilst walking! I’ve become quite adept at it, too. I’ve yet (touch wood) to hurt myself while readwalking, which is saying something considering what a clutz I am! I try to be selective about my readwalking – if the sidewalks are busy then I wait until it’s quiet, then open the book again. I do occasionally stumble, but I refuse to believe that it’s a result of the reading-while-walking because I stumble while walking all the time.

I find that readwalking on the walk from the bus home is easier as I take a different route & it’s a lot quieter and there’re fewer obstacles for me to navigate. Reading is something I get immense pleasure from but have so little time for, so if reading while walking means I can fit in 6-10 more pages a day, that can only be a good thing, right?

So, are you a readwalker?


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