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I'm sooo tired! (and proud at the same time)

Last night (Wednesday night) I did something I haven’t done in so long I can’t remember the last time I did it, lol! One of the girls from work loaned me a book (Kathy Reichs), which I put off reading for ages. I love Kathy Reichs, but her books were starting to bore me (or at least the last one I read was!). It was horrible & kind of put me off of reading her newest books – which is terrible because I always buy them as soon as they come out!

So anyway, on Monday I picked up 206 Bones to read on the bus on the way to/from work. That’s only a 10-15 minute journey each way, so I didn’t get much read. Yesterday, same thing, reading on the bus to & from work. By the time I arrived home I had read maybe a chapter & 1/2 & was really enjoying what I was reading. So, fast forward to having just finished eating dinner & instead of having a nap like I said I was going to do (I had been up since 5am, so I deserved it!), I picked up 206 Bones & began to read. That was at 7pm. I finished reading 206 Bones at 12:34am!  Ok, not really reading a book in one sitting, but it may as well have been, lol!

Today I am shattered, but it was such a great feeling to be so wrapped up in my book last night. A few times my boyfriend pointed out that I should probably go to bed (6am comes early!), but I couldn’t. I was like a woman possessed!  206 Bones was an excellent return to form for Ms. Reichs & I can’t wait to go get another book off the shelf & I live in hope this next book (whoever the author, whatever the subject) grips me like this last one did!



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Happy anniversary!

2 years ago today I was sitting in my living room contemplating begining this blog. A lot has changed over the last 2 years – we’ve moved, I’ve changed jobs twice, there have been the usual ups & downs, I’ve written 81 posts & read 80+ books.

So, Happy anniversary to Ceinwenn’s book ramblings & here’s to many more posts to come!

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