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Since I don't have you ~ by Louise Candlish

since-i-dont-have-youThis is the second book I have read by Louise Candlish & this one is even better than the 1st. It’s about three women (Rachel, Mariel & Jenny) who all have daughters roughly the same age. Sitting in a cafe one afternoon the ladies decide to make a pact to take care of each others children, like they would their own, should anything happen to any of them.

Flash forward to when the little girls are all 6 years old & tragedy strikes in the form of the death of one of the children. Feeling she can’t survive in her old life without her daughter, Rachel abandons everything & runs away to live in Santorini, the place her mother was born, but her family had left after a catastrophic earthquake killed her sister. In her rush to escape the awful truth that she’s a mother without a daughter, Rachel cuts everyone out of her life – including her 2 best friends & their daughters.

I think that Louise Candlish has a real gift for finding plots that are new & fresh – I’ve yet to see a book with a similar plot to either of the books of hers I have read. I really enjoyed Since I don’t have you & would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a really good book to read, & I look forward to reading Candlish’s next book on offer!


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The Second Husband ~ by Louise Candlish

the-second-husbandI finished The Second Husband last weekend, but didn’t have my laptop (it was sick & at the laptop hospital), so I couldn’t post about this book. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was really liking this book – I’d never read one that had a plot like this. Quite scary to think that there are men out there like Davis Calder!

Basically, the book is about Kate Easton, a divorced single mom who is forced to carve up her London flat & take in a tenant. The results are devastating – to her personally & to her already crumbling relationship with her 17 year old daughter Roxy. Kate falls for Davis – the 1st man she has allowed herself  to love since her husband left her for another woman. They embark on an affair while Kate’s children are on holiday in South Africa, which Kate ends upon their return. She tells Davis he must vacate the flat, so that she won’t have to torment herself – only to have Davis propose.

Against her better judgement Kate accepts  & they marry. On return from their honeymoon in the south of France Kate discovers the worst – Davis is having an affair with her daughter, Roxy!!  The only reason he proposed is to be near Roxy. Once the affair is discovered Davis & Roxy disappear & Kate must do what she can (with the help of her ex-husband, Alistair) to bring Roxy back.

Definitely a good read & while you basically know what happens by reading the blurb on the back of the book, this is one that I would recommend reading!

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The second Husband ~ by Louise Candlish

I started reading this last night – thought that it was time to take a little break from the reading challenge & do some reading for pleasure (that doesn’t sound right – all of my reading is for pleasure & saying it that way makes it sound like the Global Reading Challenge is a chore, which I would certainly be worried if 4 countries in that was how I was feeling!) ANYWAY…………as I was saying, I started reading this book last night.  The idea behind it is interesting. London divorcee who’s in the throes of dealing with a rebelling teenage daughter,  forced to carve her large flat up into 2 flats so she can rent one half out to help pay the bills when ex-hubby’s new wife becomes pregnant. Charming School teacher moves in, there’s chemistry, sounds predictable, right? Sort of  but I find myself wishing I had had today off so that I can see where this is going. Unfortunately I didn’t & now I’m too tired to read…….grrrr!

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