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The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

In June my younger brother & sister came over from Canada for a vacation & my sister was reading this when she arrived. She lugged it through Europe, then when she left to go home she left it behind. So, of course, I thought I would read it! I have read a lot of Nicholas Sparks’ books & most of them have been fine – a predictable, but thoroughly enjoyable read. The Rescue was no exception!

The Rescue follows the story of Denise Holten, a single mom with a developmentally delayed child. Her son, Kyle, who is 5, has the vocabulary & speech ability of an 18 month old, but no one seems to be able to tell Denise exactly what is wrong. On the way home from seeing yet another specialist, Denise and Kyle are in a car accident. Denise is rescued by Taylor McAden, a volunteer fireman, who Kyle takes an immediate liking to.

Through Kyle, Denise & Taylor begin to develop a bond, but Denise knows that something just isn’t right. Taylor is holding back & Denise fears that she, and more importantly, Kyle are going to get hurt.The Rescue is a lovely story full of emotion & I especially like how Sparks shows Denise to be the human she is – someone prone to frustration at not being able to make her son speak. She’s vulnerable & scared that her son is never going to fit in, never find love, never be normal.

As I said earlier, Sparks books are pretty predictable in that they follow the romance formula – guy meets girl, there’s an attraction. One or both of them has a “Fatal Flaw” that must be overcome & then there’s the requisite happy ending. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not good reads, though, because quite the opposite is true. Sparks has a wonderful way with words & makes his characters, and his stories, come alive. He writes about believable, every day situations which helps his readers identify with his characters & their stories all the more.  If you haven’t read any Nicholas Sparks, this is a pretty good place to start.


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